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Wisdom teeth removal in Luxembourg: prices and information
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Wisdom teeth were once used for chewing uncooked vegetables and meat for a long time. Modern man has increased the size of his brain and decreased the size of his jaw, but unfortunately wisdom teeth remain.

Why do wisdom teeth hurt when they grow in?
Wisdom teeth grow in spurts, so the symptoms are red, sensitive and swollen gums, sometimes pain in the jaw on the side where the tooth is growing. Sometimes there is even a little fever. When the tooth is not in the right position, it grows in the wrong way, then the pain is sometimes violent. The pain often appears during the growth of a wisdom tooth and this can lead to a dental infection.

After orthodontic treatment, it is usually recommended to operate/remove on the wisdom teeth.

The pain can be caused in particular:

  • If the tooth is fully impacted, the main risk is the formation of a cyst or resorption of the root of the neighboring molar and eruption.
  • If the tooth is semi-included, it is rather the bacterial infection of the gum or the bone that is likely to happen or the loosening of the penultimate molar is to be feared, due to the difficulty of cleaning this space well.
  • When the tooth is out, but not in the right position, it will usually be very difficult to clean and therefore susceptible to decay. These teeth tend to grow into the cheek and ulcerate. Many of these situations cause pain.

Wisdom tooth infection
Wisdom tooth pain is often due to an infection. These teeth are difficult to brush properly because of their location at the back of the mouth. And above all, they remain partly covered by gums, which causes infections.

There may also be a fever. An excruciating pain in a wisdom tooth can cause an abscess, which is a dental emergency. You may then have a swollen cheek, swollen glands, and even a fever.

How do you relieve the pain of wisdom teeth?

When it is determined that they will not have the space to fully erupt, or that they may pose a risk to the future, they must be extracted. The avulsion/operation/extraction of wisdom teeth is done under local anesthesia in the dental office.

It takes between 40 minutes and one hour for the dentist to « pull out » the four wisdom teeth, depending on the position of the tooth it can be faster.

Wisdom teeth extraction prices in Luxembourg :

The fees /prices for wisdom teeth extraction at the dental office are those of the CNS. This operation is therefore reimbursed at 90% by the CNS.

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Wisdom teeth removal in Luxembourg: prices and information
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